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Unique mobile app design & development for our in-house potential ideas, we capture new audiences and increase our sales. Celebrate convenience with our mobile apps, available on both Play Store and App Store. Streamline your daily life with our user-friendly applications.


Catering to various cities worldwide, our network of websites offers an extensive array of tour packages and villa rental services. We provide investors with a gateway to seize substantial opportunities for sustainable growth in the global travel and vacation industry.


We offer a diverse range of services, but our core focus is on the trade of healthy food products. We take pride in being a leading player in the trade of premium quality olive oil, where we see great opportunities for investment. 


UNQ Limited is a dynamic and multifaceted corporation with a strategic footprint in multiple sectors. Our versatile portfolio encompasses mobile app development, where innovation meets technology, driving our vision to create cutting-edge digital solutions for a rapidly evolving world. As purveyors of wanderlust, we also offer a travel division specializing in crafting unforgettable holiday tour packages, providing travelers with immersive experiences and delightful memories.

Additionally, our villa rental websites provide an escape to luxury and comfort, where discerning travelers can find their home away from home. Committed to promoting health and well-being, our food trading arm offers a range of wholesome, nutritious options, including premium olive oil, aligning with our mission to nourish lives. UNQ Limited is not just a company; it’s a commitment to excellence across industries, enriching lives, and shaping the future with every endeavor.

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